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ICL™ (intraocular contact lens)

Invisible from outside, the ICL™ is implanted behind the iris.

At higher refractive errors (over-6 diopters or + 4dpt) or very thin corneas, an ICL implantation makes much more sense than a laser treatment of the cornea with comparatively equal quality of vision.

Compared to other surgery methods, the refractive method ensures that no healthy tissues from the eye or the cornea are removed.

Since the ICL™ is so small and malleable, rolled up, it can be injected through a small opening on the edge of the cornea into the eye within seconds. Once the ICL™ is in the eye, it unfolds and is positioned between the iris and the natural lens. There it remains and corrects your vision defects, without any further intervention necessary (if necessary, the ICL™ can be removed or replaced by the same method). It is therefore a completely reversible process.

Advantages of the ICL:


The ICL™ functions like a contact lens, but does not sit directly on the cornea, rather, it is in the eye and is therefore invisible.

Small Size, Softness, Biocompatibility:

The ICL™ is small and very soft

Because the ICL™ is small and extremely soft, it can be easily folded and can be placed gently in the eye with a pen within seconds, through a small incision in the cornea. The so-called Collamer ICL™  material is highly biocompatible and is therefore accepted by the body very well.


The ICL ™ implantation is a reversible process

The lens is supposed to remain permanently in the eye, but can be removed again or replaced, should it be necessary.

Applicability, Treatability:

The ICL™ offers a greater breadth of treatment for short-and long-sightedness than the laser

The ICL™ offers the opportunity to correct vision problems and can also be used in eyes with thin corneas, large pupils and with the “dry-eye syndrome”.

The ICL™ treats myopia and corneal curvature in one step.

The Toric ICL™ corrects your nearsightedness and astigmatism in a single intervention.


The ICL™ ensures a high visual quality and thus consequently high patient satisfaction. Get rid of your glasses and enjoy better quality for your eyesight!


Video of an ICL implantation